November 23, 2011

Black Friday is for the birds!

black friday camping out

I snapped this photo yesterday while I was leaving Best Buy in Murrieta, CA. At first I thought, “This is a strange place for the Occupy Movement to gather”. Then it hit me (ok, and I saw a sign posted by Best Buy), these people were lining up for Black Friday!

What the heck?! It was only Tuesday! Haven’t these people heard of the saying, “Time is money”? They are going to sit in front of a store for 72 hours to save what – $50? $100? $200? And while they are camped out, how much money will they be spending at the fast food establishments around them – $25 / day or more? Subtract that number from their Black Friday savings and they may just about break even!

I quit shopping brick & mortar stores on Black Friday the same year I started shopping online, where I find “door busters” year-round. Best of all, they are shipped to my house (usually for Free!), so I don’t have to battle people in parking lots, stand in lines for hours, or even get out of my pajamas.

There is so much media hype about Black Friday, and stores have completely lost touch with what Black Friday deals are supposed to be. Nowadays, they mark something down 15% and call it a Black Friday special. Surprisingly, shoppers still come flocking. Really? For a 15% savings? I won’t even take a glance for a discount that slim.

Remember $10 DVD players and $5 Gameboys of years past? Those were worth getting out of bed for! I’m simply not impressed by what Black Friday has become. On Friday morning, I will be home with my family (I have 7 extra staying with me this week for Thanksgiving), sleeping in and baking cinnamon rolls for breakfast. After breakfast, we will head over to the park to toss around a football and play some tennis. Then we’ll come home and eat Thanksgiving leftovers for lunch and possibly watch a DVD. Somewhere in there, I will shop around a little online and probably send out a newsletter full of deals.

So those are my plans for Black Friday. What are yours?


  • Julie

    Unfortunately i’m being forced to work. Our mall decided to open at 10pm on Thanksgiving night an made it mandatory also. I think it’s about time we stopped letting people take our holidays away. I don’t mind working Black Friday but 6am is early enough to open and like Karen says the savings aren’t worth the hassle.

    • That’s a bummer, Julie. I’m sorry to hear that. They should at least make it voluntary.

  • We have the same thing here, except we have a lot more of them camping out.

    • I’m sure there are lots more there now. I am not going anywhere near the malls until after the dust settles. Crowds just frustrate me. 🙂

  • Kdou

    I have to work on Thanksgiving and at 7 am Friday so no camping out for me:)

    • Earning a paycheck is a much better use of time than waiting in a long line to spend money. 🙂

  • I would much rather take advantage of the offers that you send me. No Black Friday shopping at the mall for me.

  • Kmtdaisy

    To top it off some stores are opening at midnight. I’m staying home. I would rather shop online.

  • Critbunny

    Perhaps these people have time on their hands?  I know I don’t and I agree with you Karen.  I stopped my black Friday shopping years ago when I discovered My Bargain Buddy site……online shopping saves me a lot of time and money.  Not to mention dings and dents I usually get on my car in the parking lot.

    • I debated this with my mom yesterday. My thinking is, if they are spending 72 hours to save $100, they could clean out their closets, have a garage sale, and make more than $100 in just a fraction of the time. 🙂

      • Sean

        Chess versus checkers.. Dig it!

  • Vbarana

    Hey Karen,
    We were there last night and it added a couple more!

  • a2burns

    happy thanksgiving to you and your family !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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