March 7, 2011

Confessions of a popcorn smuggler

I have a confession to make. Whenever I go to the movie theater, I always smuggle in my own snacks. Typically a box of milk duds, a bag of popcorn and a can of diet coke. I have a really great purse that holds more than it looks like it is capable of, so I have never been caught.

Yesterday, I went to see a movie, but didn’t have the magic purse with me. I bought large bag of popcorn from the drugstore (frugalsense beat out commonsense – the bigger bag was a better price) and I decided to hide it in my jacket. To make it less obvious, I opened the bag and let the air out. Those of you who are familiar with my luck can probably see where this story is heading.

I folded the bag of popcorn over, wrapped it up in my jacket and started walking toward the theater. About 10 feet from the entrance, I noticed something was falling all around my feet. Like Gretel, I had left a popcorn trail that began right outside my car! Luckily, it was a matinee at the cheap theater and there weren’t many people around. I ducked around a corner, adjusted my contraband and was able to get in undetected. I kept laughing though, thinking it could have been worse. The spillage could have started when I was INSIDE the theater!


  • Dianna

    i CAN sEE THIS– i AM LAUGHING SOOOOOOO HARD– THIS IS JUST TOOOOO FUNNY– I have snuck things in also, but i have to admit nothing this funny has ever happened– Thanks for the giggle of my day Karen. Your family always cracks me up.

  • Bruce

    Oh Karen. You are too funny! One time I went with my daughters, and a friend. My daughter asked, “would we like anything to eat?” Next thing I know she’s pulling out Subway sandwiches, chips, candy and drinks for each of us out of her HUGE purse. So funny!

  • Susan H.

    Love It!!!

  • Nancy A Moore

    Who doesn’t smuggle snacks in? How else can we afford those high prices.
    So glad you didn’t get caught, though! Wonder what the punishment would be….surrendering the popcorn, banned for life from movies, jail??? 🙂

  • Missy

    Thats hilarious!!! Of course i smuggle in the candy for the kids because the large flat boxes of candy at the theater here are over $5 a box and i can get the exact ones for $0.89 at walmart or $1 at the dollar tree. And if it looks the same they really wont even bother to ask. I cant afford $100 a trip…the last movie the kids went to was Tangled and with 2 kids snack packs that includes popcorn and a small drink and the cost of all 3 tickets, i was out $50..if i took the toddler and daddy too and we all got popcorn candy and drinks i would been over $100!

  • Sally

    Oh Karen!
    Fabulous Story-thanks for sharing!
    Look at it this way, in case there was any doubt; you’d be able to find your way back to where you parked your car!

    PS we rarely buy the candy, only the popcorn, from time to time.

  • Bill Ridgeway

    Way to go Karen. I have always smuggled goodies into the movies. Its more fun than buying them there.

  • christine

    Karen….I have even taught my children the art of snack smuggling. Last time we went to the movie my son dropped his juice bottle on the floor. The ticket taker said to him “young man you cannot take that in. My son said “ok” picked it up off the floor and walked in with it!!! I was dying……he certainly was more brave than me. I only buy popcorn when I go to the movies.

  • Linda

    That’s just awesome! Thanks for the laugh!

  • A very enjoyable escapade! I laughed so much while reading this. Thanks to you & all the rest for sharing their smuggling stories. I, of course, have done the same things! (I espc. can’t see the need to spend a ton of money when all I really want is some water to drink.)

  • That is a great story Karen! As an offender too- I can laugh with you.

  • Jane

    Lucky you didn’t try to sneak in a Coke….. I almost got caught bringing in candy from Walmart.

    I always sneak in snacks.

    Btw — what did you see and was it any good?

  • Ellyn Stephens

    I think many people do, never tried popcorn though….the last time my 8 year old son told the ticket taker that we were sneaking in candy-argh!

  • @Jane I saw The King’s Speech. It was really good.

    @Ellyn Kids are so funny sometimes.

  • melinda

    I sneak in snacks and some drinks as well, but I will buy the popcorn love the movie theather kind

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