March 27, 2011

I'm guessing she was never a boy scout

On Saturday, I took my mother and kids whale watching. The weather was cool and it started to drizzle when we arrived, but cleared up when we got out onto the water.

There were 5 people in our group on this 3 hour excursion, so of course the Gilligan’s Island theme song kept bouncing around in my head. Luckily, our ship was not so tiny and the only thing that got “tossed” were a few people’s cookies. The woman in the photo above must have decided it would be best to just sleep it off.

Overall, we saw hundreds of birds, dozens of dolphins, a bunch of sea lions, 3 gray whales and half a boat full of green humans. It was quite an adventure. And a lesson was learned. Even if you don’t typically suffer from motion sickness, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and bring along some Dramamine when you go out on a boat.

  • chip

    I shall take your advice on that Dramamine! 😉

  • Elaine

    That would be me! I get so seasick (wonder why she went)??

  • Christy

    That’s funny!

  • Janet Monk

    Glad it was you, I’ll stay on the farm !!!!

  • Meg

    I think she was hung over not sea sick! Ha ha ha

  • Margaret

    Since I get seasick so easily, I use those patches that stick behind your ear. They work for me! Just stick them on about 4 hours before embarking. FYI: they are a prescription.

  • Eryn

    Wow! I can’t believe she just went to sleep on deck. On another note – what beautiful blue skies!

  • Betty

    On a cruise ship…you can buy bracelets that worked for me….
    Going out no problem but coming back became a issue.

    Dont think I could sleep on that type boat.
    Maybe she took the wrong meds …?

  • Sheri

    I too went whale watching out of San Diego with husband about 3 years ago. I had been on several cruises with no problem, so I thought I would be okay. WRONG!!
    That’s the sickest I have ever been in my life. Worse than any stomach virus ever. It was terrible!!
    I feel for this person. I was in the same position (literally), except in the women’s bathroom, near a toilet.
    Bless her heart!

  • Deb

    A cruise ship is a lot different than a small boat.

  • Fabby

    Just thinking about sailing makes me feel “green”….ugh. I was meant to be a coach potato and never leave my house.

    I hope you have fun!!!

  • jane yates


  • Ann B.

    Glad you had fun Karen…
    I only get seasick when the boat stops….
    But a tip I got when I went whale watching was to keep you eye on the horizon from the back of the boat and it eases the sick feeling…

  • That’s not you is it Karen? LOL Poor lady-she should have worn “sea bands”..I wore them for about my first 6 months of pregnancy (15 yrs ago)..(wrist bands with a small rounded button, they are worn with the button placed upon the accu-pressure point on the wrist)..
    Glad you had fun Whale watching! It’s awesome (especially when in Maui)…

  • Traci G.

    I’m glad you had a good time. It’s unfortunate that so many were ” tossing cookies.” This is something i have always wanted to do. As you can tell from my e mail address, I love dolphins. My dream is to swim with them one day. Have a great week Karen.

  • Cheryl Jones

    We went on Tuesday and had a great time. Brooke had a not so great time. We put the patch on her but still didn’t work. We saw a ton of dolphins and 7 Fin Whales.

  • andrea burns

    i am glad you had fun and gave sage advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrea burns

    i am glad you had fun and gave sage advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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