November 13, 2012 : 30% off + Free S/H on any order

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Today: 30% off + Free S/H
Coupons: SHOP30 and MVCFSFREE (must use Kohl's charge)
Expires: 11/14/12

Clearance items are 60-80% off. Use my special link to view all clearance items sorted by low price. Got Kohl’s cash? You can spend it online!

  • Lillie

    e-mail came in just before I placed my order. Thanks it saved my a lot.

  • your special link isnt working… says web threat possible, and then finds nothing

    • Hi Joyce! I use Trend Micro and I got the same threat warning. Very weird… However, I was able to proceed and get the page to load by clicking the link to allow it and then entering my Trend Micro password. Are you also using Trend Micro?

  • the block is coming from my Cisco router. I did try to click through it, but it says cant find the page…its very weird. i’ve never had a problem with your links before.

    • Sometimes internet security programs view shopping links as ads and prevent them from loading. I sent you a private msg on Facebook with an alternate link. Maybe that will work. 🙂

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