April 23, 2012

Monterey Bay : 60% off + 75% off

Monterey Bay Clearance

Today: 60% off + 75% off and Free S/H
Coupon: MFS60
Expires: Unknown

Add items to cart and apply code to see final discount. 60% off is applied first, then another 75% off is applied after that. All orders ship Free!

  • Dana

    Awesome deal! I got 3 shell tops to go under my cardigans for $3.70 shipped! Thanks

  • tessty

    That was very satisfying!!

  • Monster

    Karen, I don’t know how you find some of these bargains, but this one is a doozy. I bought 17 items last night that cost me all of $77. However, I noticed that they changed the deal this morning. It is now just 75% off plus free shipping. I have a feeling that the 60% plus additional 75% was a mistake.

    • If you add code 
      MFS60 you will get it to work. Just tested it. 🙂

  • Jenn Landers

    Wow!! I just bought 5 items for $11. including shipping. Thank you Karen!

    • Glad you found some stuff you liked there, Jenn! I can’t believe this sale. They ae practically giving things away. 🙂

  • Doveeyes1

    OMG I just bought 7 jackets for $16!!!!  wowowowow thank you Karen!

  • Porcelain

    I can’t believe I just bought 2 pair of pants for $3.12.   Thank you Karen.  A former co-worker told me about your site.

  • Debrajean1

    That was crazy!  I was very reluctant to shop here but the deals were unbelievable!  I just rec’d my first box and the clothing fits great and the quality is really nice!  I did go back and place 2 more orders.  Fully lined work jackets for $2? 100% cotton sweaters for $1.25!  That was nuts!  But pretty much all is gone now.  I even ordered a pair of shoes for $3.00.  What a steal!  And they shipped it all for free!  I see that they are closing.  Thanks so much!  I have to make alot more room in my closet!  

  • Juliapearl

    nothing left to speak of…..

    • Gotta be quick sometimes! When things are this cheap, they tend to sell out.

  • Carla

    Tried the promo code this morning. Didn’t work. What a disappointment.

    • Sorry you missed it Carla. I originally posted this sale nearly 2 weeks ago. Do you get my newsletter or follow on Facebook?

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