December 10, 2011

No one’s taking me to the cleaners!

You might recall my clothes dryer broke the day before Thanksgiving, when I had 7 people staying with me for the holiday. Well, I am happy to say that full laundry services have been restored at my house…It only took 16 days!

I was able to save $400 by replacing the faulty circuit board myself. Would you believe the part cost $78 and the repairman gave me a $500 estimate?! The project took me less than 15 minutes and probably would have taken him even less. I sure wish I made $1,600+ an hour. That guy has it made!


  • maureen hamel

    You go, girl!  I’m a widow and am learning to do some things myself.  I think high schools should teach basic plumbing and electrical courses to all of us dummies who think we can’t do anything.  Proud of you!

    • That’s a really good idea, Maureen. There are so many things I remember having to learn in high school that never served a purpose later on. Learning things like home maintenance would have been wonderful!

  • Shirley

    I am soooooooooo proud of you. Couldn’t be more proud if you were my own daughter. 🙂 Keep up the good work. 

  • Good for you. I wish I could do things like you. 

  • Marcia Lafferman

    Hasn’t that become the American way, screwing our own people, charging more for less?  That is why all of us as consumers really need to do our homework BEFORE doing anything.  Maybe the BBB would also be of some help when trying to hire a company we don’t know anything about, or getting several estimates BEFORE making a decision?  Karen, Iam not surprised you were able to do it yourself.  After all, isn’t necessity is the mother of invention?  I’ve had to do many things like you had to do, trying to figure out things for myself, but what satisfaction when it works and we get the job done.  Maybe we sell ourselves short when it comes to our capabilities?

  • Isaac Gearring

    I am really proud of you taking the initative to do the Job yourself! If more people would do things themselves it would save them a ton of money and also lower the craftman costs because the demand will be less! The higher the demand = the greater the cost we have to pay for it! Take care Karen and keep spreading the word! God bless for a Job well done!

  • Majessie

    Way to go girl and I agree with all of your friends responses!!!!

  • Carol C

    GREAT JOB – and a huge ATTAGIRL!  But how did you know what was wrong?

  • Jdm_422

    Any ideas on how to fix a fridge that isn’t cooling right???? LOL

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad you fixed it and told us about it.  I get so tired of women getting ripped off.  Kudos to you.

  • Dave

    Glad to hear you fixed it on your own, and they wonder why more pople do not use there services.

  • Bonnie

    Awesome job, and savings.  Was this for a he dryer?

  • Swan

    Good for you.!!! The best way to save your self some money. Holy cow to be making that much a hour…. lol.

  • Tina

    Good job Karen!!  With prices like that people price themselves right out of business…we do all of our own repairs too.  Thank goodness my husband is mechanically inclined. 🙂

  • Tina

    Oh by the way Karen, just wanted to let you know how much I love your emails I get everyday.  I can’t wait to open them and see what deals are out there!

  • Lynnsing12

    Good for you! I love it when we’re able to fix things on our own, too, thank heaven’s my boyfriend is mechanically inclined!

  • theotherside

    I am absolutely on board with saving money and doing things myself whenever possible.  Not quite clear on whether this issue involved things electrical or simply replacing something.  Electrical requires a lot more skill and know how.  While I agree that prices should be reasonable and fair, don’t forget that we pay people for what they KNOW, not only for what they DO and many and spent years and lots of money to learn what they know which factors in to the price. 

  • Allison Walser

    That’s fantastic! Last year, I figured out why my front loading washing machine was slowly filling with water while not in use. I ordered the part and started the repair myself. My husband took over when he realized what I was doing. I was so proud to save our family the expense of a repairman. Enjoy the high.

  • Lori Bee

    My dryer was fixed with a 30 buck fuse and did it myself…didn’t know how much a repair man was gonna cost….But I’m sure more than I had at the time

  • Debilichti

    Good for you.  I have always handled the repairs in my house while my husband is in the kitchen making dinner….LOL this works for us!

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