October 13, 2012

Oscillating Ceramic Heater : $24.89 incl. S/H

Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Today: $24.89 incl. S/H
Was: $49.99
Coupon: 22478559 (20% off any item)
Expires: Unknown

This ceramic space heater keeps your workspace warm all winter and on chilly mornings. Oscillating action distributes heat evenly with two fan speeds and manual control. The ceramic heater generates up to 1500 watts of power—enough to warm an 800 cubic foot space—and features a 5100 BTU per hour maximum heat output.

  • JanS

    This offer does not include shipping. Please advise as it says above 24.89 Including S/H.

    • Sorry, Jan. I originally posted this deal on 10/13. Since then, the price has gone up. It is now $29.37 including shipping. The coupon above takes 20% off any single item and shipping is flat rate $6.99.

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