February 27, 2017

Personal Checks : $5 per box + Free Shipping

Personal Checks

Today: $5 + Free S/H
Was: $20.99
(New customers only)
Expires: Unknown

Cheap checks + Free shipping! To get checks for $5 per box, decline “Fraud Armor” and select “Non-trackable Mail” at checkout. Check companies offer their best deals to new customers. You only have one shot at being a new customer, so stock up! Prefer duplicates? They are only $6/box with this coupon.

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  • Firegirl

    Just ordered 4 boxes of duplicates (disney design too) for $24 (+tax), but so much less than the $83 price it would have been! Thank you!!!

  • Missytx23

    Thank you, thank you Karen!!! I just saved $60 bucks when i ordered the 4 boxes for $24 instead of $84 and free shipping!

  • Scott

    ordered 4 boxes for 21.25 with tax, with a savings of 59.00. thanks

    • You’re welcome, Scott! Glad to hear the coupon is still working!

  • Gbarnette

    Couldn’t get free shipping.  Must have done something wrong.

    • You needed to select ”
      Non-trackable Mail” at checkout. It kinds of sounds like a scary option, but they just do that to upsell you. 

  • Geri

     Every link I click on takes me to Posters and Prints.  Does this mean the offer for checks has expired?

    • Sorry about that, Geri. I fixed the link. 🙂

      • Geri

         Thanks Karen!  I really need to order checks ASAP!  🙂

  • Lori

    worked for me today!

  • Sara Rachel79

    I don’t understand…it was working for me until I went to actually checkout, then the price went back to normal. I tried to enter back in the offer and it didn’t change the cost. 🙁

    • Did you remove “check armor” and select free shipping option?

  • C Blanchard

    thanks so much.  i ordered my checks and saved so much money.   the banks are so high when it comes to ordering checks.  you need to read the directions and change the shipping that changes the cost.  i know because i kept forgetting to do that and no discount.  hope this helps everyone.

  • Joyce Spencer

    J Spencer
    I’m so glad to have received your newsletter -just in time before ordering checks! Through researching, the cheapest I could find was also $5 per box but they also wanted $2.25 per box for shipping & handling. My bank wanted $17.50 per box. Needless to say, you saved me a great deal of money. Thanks so much!

  • Stretchopeg

     I saved $19.95, had to change my mailing address, get new checks and address labels, thanks for the great bargain…

  • Dana

    no longer working:(

    • Make sure there are no spaces before or after the code if you are pasting it. Code is working.

  • argentuman

    Coupon still working as of 10-19-12. $23 for a box of checks WITH fraud protection and a sharp looking black leather checkbook cover, including shipping and handling. Saved over $40. Thank you!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Glad you were able to use this. 🙂

  • homebrewer

    Still works! Thanks!!! Great deal; bank wanted $26.50 for the boring checks! Saved over $20!

    • Banks charge way to much for checks. I don’t know why anyone would want to order from them. Glad you found my post and saved yourself some money!

  • wbender

    Worked until I customized my checks, then discount went away! I hit the apply promo button and it says it was applied, but there’s no discount. I sent them an email.

    • Some of the things they try to upsell you on will raise the price. Stick to the basics and you will get the $5 pricing.

  • AK

    Still works!!! 2 boxes of checks for $10.00. Thanks 🙂

  • SP

    Awesome – saved me $50 on 2 boxes duplicates -thanks!

    • You’re very welcome! Glad I could help save you some money!

  • Omar

    I couldn’t find your Personal Checks : $5 per box + Free S/H

    • Add any of them to your cart and use the coupon code BESTOFFER. 🙂

  • Ray

    Worked here. Thanks now have extra pocket money for the Beach!!!

  • Tigue Burgess

    I just used the code and it is still working… 6-24-13. Thanks for sharing.

  • jodyel

    Charges $6.00 till you customize them then bumps it right back up to $23.99. So did not work for me. And by customize I mean add name, address, and banking info which you have to have.

  • Christi

    Thanks! Code worked for me! 4 boxes of checks for $20…I’ll be set for a LONG time!

  • Sarah

    Thanks! Just got myself 1 box for $5.41 (after tax!)

  • Connie

    Works for me at $6/box of Duplicates.

  • Rebecca

    Awesome, got a box of duplicates for $6.44 after AZ tax!

  • Denise

    It worked UNTIL I added my check information, and I did not add ANYTHING extra. Took the basic everything including the longest period of time/cheapest shipping method…. still tried to charge me full price! It ended up coming me over 30 minutes of time, and was a waste of my time. Pretty frustrating!

  • Lynne

    It Worked! Thanks so much – wasted an hour searching check sites- they are all so expensive!!! Picked duplicate checks, said $47.98, added code….$12.00 🙂

  • LCoop

    Yes! It actually worked! Thank you 🙂

  • mandy

    worked for me 7/25/13

  • kegera

    worked great for me !!! wait to enter coupon code after personalization

  • Steph

    Where is the code?

  • ItzMe Anna

    Just ordered two nice boxes for $10!!

  • Margie

    WOW! I can’t believe this actually worked. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    thanks soo much!

  • Angelina

    Thank you for the coupon code! It worked for me, no problem. $5.64 after CA tax. 9/07/13

  • Hi Paul! This coupon is only for new customers. Sounds like you may have ordered from them before and that is why the code did not work. Here is another check deal. http://www.mybargainbuddy.com/4-boxes-of-custom-photo-checks-24-19

  • Ame

    How many checks per box? What is the time frame for delivery? Thanks!

    • 1 box has 100 checks. To get the free shipping, you need to select 12-14 Business Days delivery. From my experience, they actually ship more quickly than that.

  • Joyce

    Well I tried to do best offer and never got checks from here and it says promotion inactive now all my info is in there

  • Steph

    Great buy! I ordered mine as well and the code is DEFINITELY working. Yay.

    Has anyone actually received their order?

    • Hey, Steph! I ordered checks from here and received them. 🙂

  • cutlove

    I open my bank account online and never received any checks or deposit slips. In one area of this order it says that I need to mail/fax either a blank check or deposit slip or my purchase will be cancelled… Is this correct???

  • Tiffany

    Code still good. Got mine today…

  • Heather

    Offer still good, ordered mine 10-5-13

  • Brenda

    Offer still good ordered mine today!!!

  • Gina

    Offer is still good. Ordered 11-7-2013.

  • rachael

    offer sstill good just used it!!! was perfext my bank wanted 54 for checks!!! i got 2 diff designs couldnt decide on one for 10bucks!!!! 11-15-13



  • schmatz

    Sure wish they would offer this to EVERYONE! I ordered from them one time many years ago, so I guess they keep their customer data base indefinitely. Karen, how about asking them to be a little lenient on what they consider a ”new” customer?

  • Ann

    Ok, so I ordered the ASPCA checks and altho I was a new customer, I was still charged $6.00 plus tax…that’s ok, I just hope the extra dollar goes to the ASPCA.

  • Sara

    Still works! 12/2/13 Thank you!

  • Not duped

    Be careful. The first time the code was applied to my order the amount was reduced to $6/box. After all info was entered & ready to place the order, the code was still there and said it was applied, however the discount was gone & the total had jumped to $18/box. A waste of time…

  • Stephanie Jefferson-Cunningham

    offer still good. Just ordered mine. 12/05/2013 Thanx!

  • Kaytee

    Worked for me – 4 boxes for $20!

    • Sandy

      Did you see the charge before approving or you just trusted that the code would work at the end?

  • Roger

    Worked for me! Got 125 checks at less than 5¢ each! There was a sales tax for me (located in Virginia), but still an awesome bargain!

  • Sandy

    How do you choose what color you want in the design? I don’t see the option to change the check color anywhere when I’m customizing and how will I be sure that I won’t be charged the regular amount before I enter my initials and approve?

  • Wil Stevens

    Seems to be 6$ now but its still a great deal. I ordered 4 so I never have to order checks again. Ever. Seriously. It’ll take me 2 lifetimes to get through 400 checks.

  • annwat

    thanks for posting this – was on my last book of checks and was not looking forward to overpaying for a new batch of checks.

  • megan

    Still works! Just used it for four boxes of checks!

  • Byron

    are these guaranteed to work in Canada?

    • Byron

      No they are no even available for Canada. My bank wants $34 for 50 with no dupes. Hosers

  • Mel

    Worked for me…thanks!

  • Julia W

    Worked for me!!

  • Scott Ben

    worked great. THanks. I’m a disabled senior and have to save money everywhere I can.

  • Maria

    This was a great deal! My order for $35 was reduced to $12 when I used this coupon code. Thanks!!

  • emma

    it still works! thanks a lot

  • bsedia

    Thanks! My $72 order went down to $24 for 4 boxes of duplicates.

  • Nana

    Still works on 1/23/14. Bought a box of checks for $5 + tax. THANKS!!

  • AJeep

    worked GREAT I ordered Disney Checks…Thank You!!!

  • Aanch

    Wonderful ! Ordered Light House Checks for $6.36 included SH & Tax. Better than ordering via 25$ on BOA … Thanks 🙂

  • GregStroh

    1/31/14 Still works, just remember to use the code: bestoffer

  • Kimmy

    Just as they mentioned… Perfect! $5.35 for my order. Thank you!

    • amy

      can you show me what u got for 5 dollars?

      • Amy – You can pick any of the personal checks on their site. When you use the code, they are only $5. 🙂

  • amber

    Perfect – It worked with my order 2/5/14

  • Treasure Tia

    Nice! i got 2 boxes of duplicate checks (normally $41.00) for 12 using that code. Plus I did the free s/h. (2/8/2014)

  • thanks – still working (2/18/2014)

  • Nene

    Does the free shipping truly take 3 weeks like it suggests?

    • When I ordered checks, it didn’t take 3 weeks. I think they just say that so you will pay more for faster shipping.

  • marcy

    still worked for me i hope it doesnt take 3 weeks to ship

    • I received my order in about a week and a half. 🙂

    • marcy

      got my checks on a week and they were perfect thanks

  • Carmen

    Just got the Marvel checks for $5 per box. Free shipping. ~ 2/24/14

  • Lisa

    3/1/14 ~ Still working : $23.99 = $6+tax

  • Dawn

    ok, i can’t get the $5./box…..how come???

    • Did you enter the coupon code BESTOFFER? Are you a new customer at that store?

  • Joe

    Just did it 2 boxes for 13.00 dollars thanx

  • rjune

    sorry. did not work today… move on..Handling:INCLUDEDDiscount:- $0.00Subtotal:$28.99

    • Did you enter the coupon code? Are you a new customer?

  • tom

    Used “BESTOFFER” and did not get the $5 box check. Instead it was $6. Hey, that’s still good for duplicate checks. yay….

    • Hi Tom! Did you order duplicates? Regular checks are $5 and duplicates are $6.

  • KC

    Worked 3/16 …. 4 boxes duplicates for ONLY 24 bucks! GREAT DEAL!!!!

  • amanda

    2 boxes for $17! great deal 🙂 thanks!

  • rachel

    Boo! Did everything right, but offer code didn’t work. 🙁

  • Dnvsierravista

    Still worked as of 3/23/2014. Thanks! don’t need checks much and this was a true gift of a savings for a cash strapped young just-out-of-college daughter.

  • squeezers

    Ordered 4 boxes of duplicates for 24 bucks today wooooooooo 3/26/2014 , worked like a charm !!!

  • iLaShonda

    Worked for me today, thank you!!

  • Rene

    Worked like a charm! But did the no track shipping….hope they get to me! 🙂

  • mmm

    used it tonight, works! 3/31/14

  • Kelly

    I must of have just missed it. Didn’t work for me on 4/3/14. 🙁

    • Keesha

      I just used it. Worked fine!

  • MV

    Actually came out to $6 but still an excellent deal! Thanks so much 🙂

  • sv

    coupon worked for $5 checks but NOT free s&h – I paid an extra $6.95 for that…

  • kemery755

    Thank you so much! Coupon worked, as well as free shipping! I ordered 4 boxes for a total of $25.62 with tax, and I got the duplicates for $6 per box. I ordered them on 3/27, and got them on 4/7. They do take a little bit before they ship, because they have to go into production. They shipped on 4/1, and even over the weekend, I still got them in 7 days, instead of the estimated arrival of 4/16. They ship from Texas, so depending on where you’re located, they may take less than that, or a couple days more. You do have to select “non-trackable” for the shipping to be free, but it seems to be a very reliable company, so I didn’t worry about it. I’m so grateful for this, because with my bank I would have ended up paying $22 for just 1 box! Thanks again, this saved me so much money! 🙂

    • cd

      Thans so much! Code still works beautifully. $5 plus tax is all I paid.

  • Sue

    Thanks worked for me today on tax day April 15th.

  • Nancy Dorfman

    Thanks again. $5.30 for single clearance checks one pack!

  • Jocelyn Gonzalez

    It worked for me !!! 04/24 thanks!!!! =D

  • Dawn Haralam

    Thanks!! Worked for me as well 4/26/14

  • Jennadu

    This absolutely works. Just be sure to put BESTOFFER in the coupon code place. 4/30/14

  • Michele

    Used today and saved $30 on 2 boxes of checks. 5/2/2014
    Thank you for the help saving some money.

  • asd

    waste of time did not work

  • happygirl

    Used today – great deal! It worked for the $17.99 checks for me – 4 boxes $20.00!! 5/15/14

  • New user

    $6.44 with tax is all I paid for side tear duplicates today!! BESTOFFER code wiped out all service/handling and shipping fee’s!! Checks were listed at 20.99 per box.

  • Don’t bother paying extra for faster shipping! They arrive much sooner than they say they will with the free shipping.

  • insideandout

    4 boxes of duplicate checks for 24.00 total!! No shipping and handling! Great deal, thanks!

  • Greene

    Works great

  • Guest

    Whoo hoo! Just got a box of single checks for $5! Deal! 🙂

  • cinnabug

    Yay! Thank you so very much. 4 boxes of Hello Kitty duplicate checks for $25!!

  • Melanie

    it worked. 🙂

  • Worn Wranglers

    This discount code just worked for me as well. The discount may apparently be applied to ANY check offered on this website because I chose the top-end, expensive, High Security checks (with mandatory duplicates) and the checkout page correctly applied the discount of approximately 80%. Now, THAT is quality savings right there!

    Remember that local sales tax will be added to the order total and you must select free shipping to receive the free shipping option. Don’t be fooled by the website’s scary-sounding caution about using a trackable (and expensive) shipping option. I’m certain that my bank never uses any kind of “trackable” shipping option when they’ve shipped an order of checks to me in the past. I’ve never had checks disappear while in transit in the past 3 decades as a checking account holder..even though the shipped check order is NEVER disguised as anything other than personal checks. Also remember to deselect the “Fraud Armor Fraud Protection” option when ordering a particular check…that’s more nonsense. I paid using PayPal which assured that the payment transaction’s security was airtight.

    An outstanding deal and a great purchase process – I give it an A+!

    I located this mybargainbuddy website via a Google search. Thank you, Karen!!!

    • So glad you stumbled across my site and found this deal! Thanks for taking the time to leave such wonderful feedback! 🙂

  • Malachi


  • JR

    Just tried to order checks and the company simply gave a $2.95 discount by removing the handling fee. No other discount. This coupon no longer works

    • Coupon BESTOFFER is working. You need to be a new customer.

  • james

    Still works, $5 a box + tax

  • stepbystep

    Just ordered $17.99 box of single checks for $5 with coupon code. Worked great!

  • DB

    Just ordered 1 box of side tear checks for $6+tax. WooHooo!

  • DB


  • Christy Lafferty

    offer code only removed handling charge…I’ve tried two different check styles–the coupon code did not have the promised reduction for either.

  • Christy Lafferty

    that ain’t the discount you’re mentioning here

    • heidi

      make sure you click on “apply” for the offer code to apply!

    • You also need to be a new customer

  • Melodie

    I just ordered and did exactly as you said. $5.00 plus tax = $5.31 = Great deal!!



  • K Jorg

    Awesome! Worked great for me! $5.25 for one box of single checks, free shipping! Thanks!!

  • Carolyn Gudgel

    I paid $6.50 with tax for a box of stylish duplicate checks with 4 different designs. I’ve been price hunting for a week for checks as I hate to pay a lot for anything. This is by far the best deal yet! Highly recommend!

    • Thanks, Carolyn!

    • Carolyn Gudgel

      Received my checks in record time. The service was amazing and the checks are sent to you in a book/folder like holder. Will definitely purchase from again. Great coupon and service. Thank you.

  • Jersey Shay

    I Just ordered a box of checks for 20.99 in NJ, and I used the offer code BESTOFFER, and the price dropped to $5.35 including NJ sales tax- Thanks! Great Deal, I have not seen an offer like this any where else.

  • CherylNTX

    I tried this today with the side tear duplicate checks and it only removed handling. The checks would have been $60 after discount. 🙁

  • bird_isthe_word

    Just purchased 1 box of single checks, originally $20.99, for $5 with free shipping and $.36 sales tax. Awesome deal! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  • amyharis

    Wow! Thank you so much! I just ordered 12 boxes of checks and saved close to $200!!!! Thanks again!!!

  • sum

    Awesome! Worked so well. $5.28 for Monarch Checks (M1 – Singles – 1 box actual value $17.99) I just hope it reaches safe and sound 😀

  • Michele

    Paid $24 + $1.80 sales tax today for 4 boxes of side-tear duplicate checks & some of the proceeds will go to the National Parks. Thanks so much! This was the best deal out there and no shipping charge.

  • Jennifer

    How long did these take to ship to those that have ordered them?

  • stan

    I have been waiting for two weeks

  • Dirk

    Thank you!!!!

  • Melissa Naugle

    Thank you!! I just ordered 4 boxes of checks for $20!!

  • Brenda

    I see nothing offered less than $17.00 when I click on the link AND go lowest to highest. What gives?

    • You need to enter the coupon code after you add the checks to your cart. Coupon: BESTOFFER

  • M&M’s Mommy

    it worked! M&M checks that should’ve been $71.96 for 4 boxes of single checks went down to $20 for all 4 boxes. thanks!

  • bernie

    just tried it didn’t work for me…:-(

    • Did you enter the code? Select the correct shipping method? Are you a new customer?

  • cris6286

    Just did it and it worked! Been looking for cute cheap checks for a while! Just follow all the instructions and works like a charms. Paid $5.35(w/tax) for cute delicious dots! Thanks so much for the info!

  • CSDA

    Paid 21.80 for four boxes! Dont forget to put in the code and select non-trackable to get the discount!

  • BargainMama

    Worked for me! I only need one box and $5 is the best price I’ve found anywhere!

  • amanda

    Did not work for me

    • Enter the code? Select the correct shipping method? Are you a new customer?

  • Lucy

    Used coupon code, Declined “Check Armor” but I needed my checks rushed so I did NOT select “non-trackable mail” and I still received a great discount: 1 box of 100 duplicate checks were $6.99 + shipping.

  • Bethany

    Worked for me 🙂 Thanks!!! Best price I’ve found!

  • Megan

    This is great! Thanks for sharing! Followed your instructions and it worked just great 🙂

  • Tara

    It took off handling but still charged me $17/box. What am I doing wrong?

    • Tara

      Never mind, it didn’t even take off handling. It says “promotion applied” and that my discount is $0.00. Why did that happen?

      • Did you select standard shipping?

      • Linda Benskin

        Same thing happened to me. Took off handling only.

  • Amy

    Thank you it work for me! Just received. It took about 10 days to get the checks from the date of purchase.

  • Jason

    Worked like a charm!!

  • Muu

    just got 2 boxes of single checks for 10.73 total
    put BESTOFFER in the offer code box at the end of checkout and click apply
    I used paypal


    Worked well for me! Don’t forget to switch your shipping option, at checkout, to the bottom, non tracking option. Thank you!

  • jeffreydurbin

    No free shipping.

    • Enter the code? Select the correct shipping method? Are you a new customer?

  • Robbie Sup

    Worked for me. Just remember to change to standard shipping. Thanks bargain buddy!

  • Anthony Geers

    WOO HOO!!, cheap checks

  • Julie V

    Just tired this code and got 4 boxes of my own photo design side tear checks for $21.20. Saved over $84.00 on the checks alone. Thank you for the tip and lead on such a great amazing.

  • M. W.

    Wow, this really worked and it was cheaper than going through my personal bank. My bank was going to only charge me for shipping of $8 for a box, but this deal beats it!! Thank you!!!

  • Reba Platz

    Are all your checks duplicate checks?

  • chris shaw

    no prob @ 920 am 6/20

  • Jim S. Bond

    Worked spot-on 7/31/15. Ordered 4 boxes (singles) at $5 each. As instructed>>check non-trackable shipping, decline fraud armor, and put in the code “BESTOFFER”.

    • Thanks for letting us know it worked for you, Jim!

      • Jim S. Bond

        Thank you for the bargain!

  • AnneJenkins

    did it just a bit better….code NEW549….got them for$5.49

  • Laura Mathes

    How fast can I get my checks?

  • BH

    BESTOFFER – this Code, worked for me on 8-31-15. Removed the $3 “Handling Fee”

  • Carolyn Chesson

    BESTOFFER code worked perfectly 09-02-15. Ordered 1 box high security duplicate checks, paid $6 + .36 VA sales tax.

  • rzading

    its not a subscription is it?

  • Bunnywithpancakeonhead

    I did not get free shipping. And the checks were 10 a box of duplicates

  • Wideeyes

    Just look ed into site to see fir
    st box 3.99 with special code they were 5.00 no free shipping second box ,14.00 where’s the bargain

  • tiffany

    just used the code and got duplicate checks for $6 a box =]

  • TiSu

    BESTOFFER still works as of jan 19th. $6 for High Security Checks

  • Ashley

    worked for me as of 1/27/16 $5.30 for a box of checks

  • LadyB007

    Nice!! I used the code BESTOFFER and ordered 4 boxes Disney’s frozen duplicate checks and worked like a charm. Just make sure you pick checks that say 3.99 from the selection or you could pay more ( I tried a different style). Shipping states will get by 3/30 but who cares, my total was 25.32. 3/10/16

  • Queen B

    ‘BESTOFFER’ worked for me! Got two boxes of Preppy Plaid duplicate checks (200 chx) for a total of $12.72 including tax. Sweet! -04.06.2’16

  • Julie Miller

    Worked for me 1/4/2017

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