February 11, 2010

Verizon Fios Internet, TV & Unlimited Telephone: $84.99/month (save $300)

Verizon FiosVerizon Fios : $84.99/month (save $300)
Get TV, Internet and Phone from Verizon Fios for as little as $84.99/month for 1 year! $109.99 for 2nd year. 2 year contract required.

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    let me know when this plan arives in zip 48219-2363

  • Tom

    its good for One year but that second year cost you $ 300.00 more not a good deal because you can get a better deal with Time Warner and most others for $ 99.00 a month

  • TW Cable charges me a fortune for the same thing I can get from Fios for a lot less. Even the 2nd year at $109 is cheaper that TW Cable.

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