November 12, 2012

2-Yr Whole Living Magazine Subscription

2yrs of Whole Living Magazine

Today: $7.98
Was: $29.90
Expires: 11/13/12 at 10AM ET

Whole Living magazine provides smart ideas on taking care of yourself, your family and the planet in ways that are natural and sustainable. Whole Living magazine promotes wellness, fitness and beauty, balance, community and living green.

  • Lavender

    Do we need a discount code? This comes up on the site as $29.90.

    • Jkwsmp


      • Lavender

         Thank you!! :)

      • Karen Hoxmeier

        Oops! Forgot to put that in there. :)

  • Kjirsten

    I’m with Lavender. Maybe we missed the opp? Would love to get it!

    • Karen Hoxmeier

      The deal is back!

  • OcalaRose

    I must have been late ordering, they said the discount code was invalid. So sad.

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