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Default up to $100 amazonGC videopinions

not sure where to put this.....

I am a member of judy's books and also at insiders pages. you get rewards for writing reviews. I just got a $50 amazon gift cert from insiders pages and before that I got a $100 barnes and noble gc from Judys book. I also belong to videopinions and now they are giving away up to $100 in amazon gift certficiates in exchange for video reviews that you give. It's really simple if you have a web cam you are in business.

Here is from their page:

Earn up to $100 in Amazon Gifts Certs with Videopinions


For the entire month of June Expo TV will pay you $10 in Gift Cards for each qualifying Videopinion on any nationally available product (for up to 10 videos)!

and here is the link:
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