August 14, 2012

Most accidents happen within 5 miles of your home

I had a great time while on vacation in Maui! It was quite an adventure! I went scuba diving with sting rays, snorkeling around coral reefs, paddle boarding in the Pacific, drove the road to Hana, went hiking at Wai‘ānapanapa State Park, got wet (ok, not purposely!) in one of the 7 Sacred Pools at O’heo Gulch and made it home without a scratch.

On my first day home, I threw a frozen lasagna TV dinner in the microwave. When I opened the plastic seal, a scalding hot glob of cheese and sauce bubbled up and hit me in the face!

My first thought: “Thank God that it didn’t hit me in the eye!”

My second thought: “Seriously? I just spent 5 days doing risky things and I get hurt by food?”

I believe every injury deserves a cool story, so my kids and I have decided on this one.

“I was on the road to Hana when we came across a car on fire. To everyone’s horror, there was a kitten under the car and it was too scared to come out. I took it upon myself to rescue it and burned my cheek on the car’s exhaust pipe.”

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • Babjarmoluk

    a hero is born every day! 

  • lol super-mom!

  • Linda Hatton

    LOL .. I had to re-read that. Your kitten story was so convincing, I almost believed it! Sorry about your burn though. 🙁

  • Kmtdaisy

    Good for you! What TV dinner?

  • Bettye

    Gotta stay away from those TV dinners……………they’re bad for your health!!  LOL!!  😉

  • DAVIDSON32750


  • Rosemary Simm

     I usually burn myself when pulling the film off those frozen meals.  Did you forget to vent or make holes in the film???
     That’s really scary, but I’m sure glad you didn’t need emergency help.  I do like your excuse for the burn, so heroic.
     Put a cold tea bag on that burn and let the tannins ease the burn away.

  • Susan Hatcher

    What an awesome vacation..and such heroics saving the kitten (giggles). I hope you have more scenic pictures to share. Would love to see more. And I know…it is a real shame you got no pics of the kitty.

  • Tosh_1999

    I went to Maui last year and went to Hana those roads were so small, I prayed the whole time that we wouldn’t fall over the edge, but its beautiful up there, did you sup at the garden of Eden?

  • Too funny! On the Road to Hana in Dec. we saw a burned out Mercedes by the road – minus the kitten! 🙂 We went on a cruise and said it was a once-in-a-lifetime, but I am ready to go back again. Sigh….

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  • soo funny!!! I can relate!!!!! LOL!

  • brenht

    And I thought those things only happened to me! Sorry about the burn! And keep up the great work!

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