March 12, 2012

Moxie’s New Haircut : Ode to the Lorax

I knew when I got a dog that required regular haircuts that it could get to be a big expense. My solution? I bought a set of $20 clippers and set about doing it myself. Moxie’s only had one professional haircut in her life – and that was because I got it for Free using credit I had on a local daily deals website.

For the most part, I think I do a pretty good job. Don’t get me wrong, the professional haircut was very nice, but I just can’t see paying more to get my dog’s hair cut than I do my kids. I also have a bit of fun cutting Moxie’s hair, which is something that goes way back to my childhood.

When I was 5, my mom went outside to do a little yard work, while my brother, Bill (then age 3), and I stayed in the house playing. I decided he was due for a haircut and thought I was just the person for the job. I was having so much fun, I didn’t want to stop. I took care of our family dog (a German Shepherd), every single one of my dolls and even a few stuffed animals. When my mom came back in the house, it was like a scene out of a movie. There was hair in the entry way, a trail down the hallway, and in my bedroom, she discovered me and my makeshift salon full of sad patrons, fresh with bald patches all over their heads. Oh, and a dog with a suspiciously thinned out tail.

Needless to say, from them on, when my mom when out to do yard work, we were invited to go outside and ride our bikes and my days of being a hairstylist were over.


  • Christine

    That is hilarious.  

  • Ellen

    Love that!!

  • marylou sakosky

    awww /well at least he can stay home an get it done .My Rocky the chiahuahua i still take to get
     nails done or loose finger lol ..he will not let me get near him with any clippers soo i need the
     fingers so Yuppy Puppys do it and he dont say nothing to her ..i can’t believe he’s so good for her .. Karen ,, you do nails ??? lolo

    • Nope, I don’t do her nails. I take her to get them filed every few months for $8. 🙂

      • Swan

        Wow lucky we have to clip our dogs nails every 2 weeks. !!!

  • Good cute and dog

  • TommieandJerry

    About 10 years ago, my (now 13 yr old) shih Tzu, Nicki,  and I took a little non-credit course at the local college and learned the basics of grooming him.  We joke that Nicki has a college education. lol 

    • Now that’s a terrific idea! I’m going to look into that! Thanks!

  • Swan

    You did a good job. We did the same thing with our Persian cat.We bought our own clippers to do ourselves 3 times to the groomers pays for the clippers. lol. 

  • Patricia

    You did a great job with Moxie. Your story cracked me up. Funny funny story. I can relate to it for sure.

  • Anig227

    Got a good laugh!

  • andrea burns

    funny thank you !

  • Pattie

    I agree totally with the common sense approach of DIY. But we inherited an older cat who has taken quite a while to completely adapt to her new surroundings (a dog in the house too) and who has been very much independent previously. She takes to being brushed (on her terms — meaning when she’s done, that’s it) but it’s hard on me due to my allergies (that’s the only time it bothers me — when I brush her). I’d love to trim her but the couple of times I’ve gotten scissors out she’s not happy and takes off. It doesn’t help that she’s a long-haired Himalayan; beautiful cat but prone to getting matted hair if I don’t stay on top of it. Any suggestions on how I can get her to allow me to trim or cut her coat?

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