September 1, 2012

pureguardian 2-in-1 Vac & Air Sanitizer

2-in-1 Hand Vac & Sanitizer

Today: $24.98 + 97¢ S/H
Was: $69.98
Expires: Unknown

The pureguardian Clean2 Hand Vacuum is a UV-C air sanitizer plus a cordless hand vacuum in one easy-to-use product. The UV-C air-sanitizing base works continuously to kill 99 percent of airborne bacteria and mold spores. The hand vacuum has 7.2 volts of rechargeable power that allows you to vacuum up dry spills and messes fast. This item is currently selling for $80 with shipping at Amazon.

  • I ordered this when it was the special. I havent’ heard a thing. I would think it would be at my store for pick up. I cannot remember what card or email address I used for the order however….

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