November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 : The good, the bad, and the buggy!

Despite everything we do to pull Thanksgiving off without a hitch, something always goes wrong. Burnt rolls, dry turkey, family squabbles…The possibilities are endless. The best thing to do is make light of the situation and try to laugh about it.

This year, I had 7 house guests and the night before Thanksgiving, my dryer broke! Luckily, I washed all of the linens the day before and we haven’t run out of clean towels yet.

Also, on the big day, I opened a kitchen cupboard and discovered some uninvited guests. About 2 dozen ants were scoping out the cabinet, probably looking for something to bring to their Thanksgiving feast! Fortunately, only my brother saw this and I was able to keep his mouth shut under threat of great bodily harm. My guests were none the wiser…until, of course, they read this story in my newsletter.

What went wrong at your Thanksgiving this year?

  • Rnelson8

    Our Thanksgiving was one of the greatest. The kids ran us out of the kitchen, took over and let us know when it was time to eat After eating they did all of the clean-up and we had and opportunity to watch the foot ball game which is great for us Wisconsinites.    Bob and Sandee

    • What great kids!

      • Joan

        There was 11 of us this thanksgiving and I thought if I got started early there wouldn’t be so much to do on the Big Day.  Nothing ever turns out like you think it will. The turkey took longer to cook and left little room for the other food to cook.  Everyone was starving and we were trying to hurry and about half of the rolls got burned on the bottom.  There was enough food to feed an army and we all got stuffed and had a great day.

  • Tosteen_71

    Me and my sister in law had little to much wine one year, decided to make pumpkin pies. Some how a fork got cooked in one. Every thanksgiving some one always asks us about the surprise; pumpkin pies;)

  • Was there an ant named Sue?

    • Freckles333

      only YOU would think of that !!! haha…loves on ya toots!!  “Aunt Sue”

  • andrea burns

    google home remedies there is a spice real cheap that the ants don’t like sprinkle in the area and they never come back just can’t remember the name

    • Lcosteira

      cinnamon is one!

    • Pam

      cayenne pepper?

  • Billjr

    Everything went well this even the grandchildren were execptionally good. No food fights. Thank you God.

  • Ardyces28

    I put a lemon in my cupboard to get rid of ants and also used orange peels on counter tops and it worked ,

    • Magieperdu

      Bet the kitchen smelled great, too!  😉

    • Guest

      do you put in a whole lemon? lemon slices? lemon juice? how long do you let it sit there?  i like natural ways to get rid of things. thanks for any help you can give me.

  • andrea burns

    please don’t feel bad for me but i have spent thanksgiving alone since i was like 19 i am 55 now. meals on wheels sent me an awesome turkey dinner this year and said i will get a xmas one too courtesy of this social worker i know from the senior center ! i will call her monday and thank her ! my cat has been my best friend for 16 years and had a happy day ! thank you ! i am glad you all had a fun day !

  • Critbunny

    lol… hubby (xoxo) bought a very large roasting chicken instead of a turkey!  I didn’t say anything, made all the sides and desserts.  We had a wonderful “turkey” dinner. According to him it was the best!  lol

  • Magieperdu

    First year for a son in the same state in something like 10 years, and a new GF (with different traditions) for him.  She had never made a turkey or cornbread dressing.  I’d never had chicken mole for Thanksgiving.  Dinner turned out wunnerful, everyone having different assigned parts of the meal.  I, however, was STILL coming down with the flu and spent the entire time wanting to help but trying hard to stay away from everyone else!

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