April 25, 2012

Women’s Petite Knit Pullover : $2.19

Women's Petite Knit Pullover

Today: $2.19 + Free S/H
Was: $34.99
Coupon: MFS60
Search for M241565 on their site.
Expires: Unknown

They have a pretty decent selection of petite clothing marked down to unheard of prices! First add items to your cart, and see an instant discount, then enter coupon to save even more! Everything ships Free.

  • Jsclward

    This comes up at $8.75, not $2.19 and yes I applied the code

    • Maria

      the final discount doesn’t show up until you go to the payment screen.

    • On the checkout page, if there is a source code prefilled, delete it and enter BAFF65P at the source code and apply it along with the coupon.

    • Jsclward

      I tried again later and it went through! Thank you!

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